Oct 12, 2012

31 Days of Loving your Husband- Day 12

In this series we will be spending 31 days intentionally loving on our husbands. Hopefully creating new habits in our marriages that will last a lifetime. Will you join us?

A little bit of honesty

Ladies this one may be a tough one for you but it is so important. Sit down with your husband after the kids have gone to bed or before they get up. Ask him how you can respect/love him better? Ask him if there has been a time recently that you have been disrespectful or hurtful to him. We may not like what he has to say. This is not a time to let pride win, this is a time to humble yourselves and ask for forgiveness. Don't start a fight, talk down to him or bring up his issues. PLEASE PRAY BEFORE YOU HAVE THIS CONVERSATION. Pray that the Lord will open your heart to hear what you're husband has to say. And that you will seek repentance and forgiveness and not try to get the last word in. 

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  1. Ummm You're right, this one is a toughy! Mostly because I already know what I need to ask forgiveness from him for. :-/


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