Oct 2, 2012

31 Days of Loving Your Husband- Day 2

In this series we will be spending 31 days intentionally loving on our husbands. Hopefully creating new habits in our marriages that will last a lifetime. Will you join us?

Day 2-

Initiate Intimacy

As we've said before sometimes intimacy can be far from our minds after a day with the kids. So today initiate intimacy when he least expects it. Our husbands see how much effort and attention we put into mothering. He too desires attention and to feel wanted, so let him know you want him! ;) Be praying throughout the day that the Lord will prepare your heart for the evening and will bless you with the energy and desire.


  1. These are nice. Thanks for putting them up for us.

  2. This is very hard for me to do. My husband comes home around 7 at night and by that time, I. am. done. with the day. with people. with the kids. lol Being pregnant doesn't help either. I'll be praying today!


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