Nov 1, 2012

Costumes, Candy, and a hospital stay

It has been an eventful few weeks. So it's time for a blog post.

Cohen had to be hospitalized after he had what we thought was a stomach bug initially but he only vomited two or three times and that was it. But he seemed very lethargic days after he had thrown up and he wouldn't eat or drink. Which led to dehydration. In the hospital he was able to get hydrated but all his tests came back negative. Nobody could tell me what was wrong with him. After a process of elimination and research we think he ate some poisonous berries from a bush we have. I had no idea they were poisonous. I always told the boys to stay away from the bush but I guess curiosity got the best of him... 

 We are very thankful that Cohen is much better! He is eating and drinking again. He's still really tired and grumpy but it's been a rough few days for the little guy. And don't worry that bush will be gone in no time!
 Cohen got better just in time for pumpkin carving and trick-or-treating. Here's little man checking out the pumpkin.
We had a lion and a doctor this year. People kept asking if little man was a veterinarian. We hadn't thought about that but it works! 

 It was almost 80 degrees here so Cohen was not too happy with his lion suit. But seeing the candy made it all worth it.
Thanksgiving is this month!! Who else is excited??!!


  1. Glad he is doing better! Cute costumes too! I bet you are totally exhausted.

  2. 80 degrees on Halloween night?! Man, and I felt lucky that it was in the 50s in our area of the world! I love the boys' costumes. A lion and vet does work out kind of perfectly. Almost like you planned it. ;)

  3. Praise the Lord that Cohen is doing better! Glad to see that he still got to have fun trick or treating with his brother. :)

  4. Oh how scary! I am glad he is ok! love their costumes too!!!

  5. Oh wow! My mom always told not to eat the berries off of the bushes outside. She called them "never wake up" berries. I never really thought they could make you so sick! I'm so glad you figured out what was making him sick and can get rid of it quickly!

  6. so glad Cohen is better. Praise the Lord he's ok. It could have been worse. Thanks for sharing the photos of your boys in their costumes! Hugs!

  7. wow... so glad that he is doing well and that they were able to figure out what was wrong! we have berry bushes too and I keep telling my girls to stay away from them! not fun! their costumes are super cute too!


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