Dec 2, 2012

You are two!

Today you are two years old. You are full of life, love and hugs. You are sometimes shy to people you first meet but warm up quickly. Here are a few of the things you've been up to this year. 

  • You started sleeping in a big boy bed in August when we moved into the new house.
  • You love wrestling with your brother but only when you initiate. 
  • You still love carrying your lovey every with you. 
  • You quit sucking your paci at 18 months. 
  • You enjoy playing golf, baseball, football, and playing with your trucks. 
  • You love your grandma NeNe. 
  • You love to be snuggled and to give kisses. 
  • You were always my non picky eater but have recently become more picky and opinionated with your food. 
  • You are already telling us you "need to go potty." 
  • You are your brother are best friends. 
  • We started going to a different church this year. At first you had a hard time with it but now love every time we go. 
  • You love to read books. I often find you sitting in the quiet by yourself flipping through one of your favorite books. 
  • You love drinking milk. 
  • You lately have been pretending to be a cat. 
  • You can sing your abc's, know your shapes, and are working on our colors. 
  • You learned to swim underwater by yourself this summer. 
Cohen we love you and are so blessed to have you apart of our family. Your joy filled meek attitude is so similar to your daddy's.

Happy Birthday! 

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  1. Wow, i can't believe he is two! I love that picture of him in that little hat. My littl guy is turning two in two months and i can't get him to put anything on his head!


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