Jan 2, 2013

Books I'm looking forward to in 2013

If you are married and have yet to read "What Did You Expect?" by Paul Tripp why the heck not?! It's hands down the best marriage book on the market. I will be going through this book again for the 5 millionth time this year!

The first book is Desperate by Sally Clarkson and Sara Mae
Sally Clarkson's book "The Mission of Motherhood"  is one of my favorite parenting books that I refer to often. In her new book she and sweet blogger and Alume founder Sara Mae talk to mothers who are overwhelmed by motherhood. And let's face it what mother hasn't been overwhelmed? Greatly looking forward to the encouragement and wisdom this book will provide.

Audrey Bunny by Angie Smith
Anything this woman writes is a must read in my opinion. Her new book coming out Fall 2013 according the her publisher's website, will be her first children's book.

So at the moment I only have two on the list. I'm a little out of the loop this year. Any other great books coming out in 2013 that should be added to the list?


  1. I love reading. I'm such a bookworm. :)

  2. You have great taste in authors! :)

  3. Great recommendations, thanks for sharing! I may have to pick another one of these up! I just read a great book I'd like to share called "Teaching Kids to Be Good People" by Annie Fox, M.Ed. You can check her and the book out on the website http://www.anniefox.com/. It's a wonderful read and I'd recommend it to anyone. Thanks again for the post!

  4. I will be checking these out! My first baby is one week today and motherhood books I'm a Bout! And I love bettering my marriage and love learning how


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