Jan 7, 2013

Weekend is over

We are finally back to a normal schedule starting today. Hubby was off 7 days during Christmas, went back for two days and then was off for new years day, worked a few more days and then it was the weekend again. The boys are totally confused on if daddy is working or if he's at home... so is mommy.

We were spoiled having him around so much but I'm sure he's ready to get back into the grind. This weekend was suppose to be one where we marked off several items off our to-do list. But it ended up being a little more laid back. We did however finish taking down the rest of the Christmas decor.

Now that the Christmas decor is down I am reminded that we still need to paint and decorate this home!  We moved in August, finished some big home remodeling projects, and then busy time hit both my husband and myself with work stuff. Then it was just survival mode. It was a miracle to have three meals, clean clothes, and beds made. The last thing on either of our minds was house decorating. But now that things have slowed down, I have got to get my inner Martha Stewart/Nate Berkus in gear! What are your favorite home design blogs??

I'm more of a decorate one room at a time kind of person or I can easily get overwhelmed. We finished the boys' room and the kitchen (except for paint). The next room I want to tackle is the laundry room. I will be posting progress on the blog!


Did anyone watch the season premiere of Downton Abbey?! Did you know you can watch season 3 online? Don't know if that is ok... If you haven't seen season 3, it's a doozy but you'll love it! Anyone having any watching parties? And why can't they simultaneously air the seasons here and in the UK? Seems like they should be able to do that. Especially since people can watch it online.

I hope you all had a great weekend! Here's a picture of this sweetie snuggled with his velveteen rabbit.


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