Jan 22, 2013


For quiet times recently I've been going through Matt Chandler's Ecclesiastes series. It has been incredible. (ps the village church has one of the best church apps..check it out!)

The last one I listened to was Communal Lessons. If you only listen to one thing this week, let this be it.

In this sermon Matt gives 4 things that are friendship/gospel-center community killers.

1. Jealousy
Jealousy will always derail your chances at deep community and relationships because you believe you deserve what God chooses to give others.

2. Laziness
Relationships take work on both parts! (this applies to marriages, friendships, family, community)

3. Dissatisfaction-
If you are unhappy with where God has you now and say things will get better once I get a new job, house, kids etc. then you are always living in the future (ie..future job, family, home, friends) If you are living in the future you are not living in the here and now. Be happy with where God has you now even in the midst of sorrow.

4. Work
Working 90 hours a week to be able to gain the latest trinket is "chasing the wind". There will always be someone that has more things or makes more money. It's all meaningless! Make sure you are checking your motives for working "too much". You can't take back this time with your kids, spouse and gospel-centered community.

A few other points:

If you have a friend that loves you enough to confront you, you are blessed!! Few people have friends that are willing to do that.

Have you ever found yourself celebrating someone else's failures? Has someone got on your nerves because of the good that's happened to them? We are called to "rejoice with those who are rejoicing and weep with those who are weeping".  If you are not willing to address the wickedness in your own heart community will always derail on you.

We need each other...with Christ as the center...we need each other.

This list and points apply to friendships, marriages, community and family...ALL relationships.

Hopefully this blessed you as much as it did me. Is there anything you would add to Matt's list?

Until next time!



  1. Oh i just love this post, it was much needed today. I'm also a huge fan of Matt Chandlers, when we lived in Texas I was minutes from his church and saw him often out and about :) I want to download the app now that you've recommended it! Have a wonderful day!

  2. So glad this blessed you! Yes get the app..such a good one!


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