Oct 6, 2014

Day 6- 31 Days to a REAL FOOD kitchen makeover

What's for breakfast?

What do you eat for breakfast in your family? The average American starts out their morning with something that is highly processed and holds little to no nutritional value. (cereal, pop tarts, waffles, drive-thru etc)

This is the meal that is jump starting your metabolism, waking up your brain, and needs to sustain you until lunch. It is so important to choose wisely. We don't eat cereal..even organic cereal. It is highly processed, the very thing we are trying to avoid. It's a lot easier to share what we do eat than what we don't.

When it comes to eating a real food breakfast it's better to throw out everything you think breakfast should look like. We eat a lot of eggs for breakfast which are incredibly nutritious for you (free range, GMO-free, & soy free) but if you are allergic to eggs like my 1 year old you will have to do something different. This morning he had brussels sprouts, sweet potato, carrots and some bell pepper.

Here are a few breakfast ideas:

If you need something quick, try making fritatta muffins for the week (the possibilities are endless with these. We've made them with zucchini and spinach)
Green smoothie
Steel cut oats
Leftovers from the night before.. seriously!
Sprouted grain english muffins from Ezekiel bread

Choose foods that will feed your body not just fill your belly. So often we eat to fill our bellies depriving our body of nutrients that it desperately needs which is why we feel hungry again after eating junk food. (and why we eat more of it...speaking in terms of calories)


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