Oct 7, 2014

Day 7 - 31 Days to a REAL FOOD kitchen makeover


What do we do for sugar? 

My children's diets are sugar free. (except if we are celebrating a birthday or other occasion) My husband and I will have something sweet on occasion. But I do not bake for my family. For dessert we often eat fruit or homemade ice cream. 

If we are eating something that needs to be sweetened such as homemade ice cream, we use local raw honey or grade A maple syrup. 

The harmful effects of sugar

Sugar is nothing but empty calories that have no nutritional value, it weakens your immune system and expands your waist line. Check out this great article on sugar. 


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  2. I do agree about sugar, although, we are not a sugar free household. :( I would love to be more sugar free as I do know it weakens our immune systems! I have recently gotten coconut sugar and I do like that. We like honey as well, sometimes I buy raw, sometimes not, but always from local sources. We also love Maple syrup that we get from farmers we know.....but I'm not much of grade A lover- if it is, it must be dark, but I do love Grade B and the strong maple flavor it has. :) I guess there are new gradings now though, it's all "grade A" just described as light or dark.

    1. Oh goodness...that was suppose to say grade B. Grade B is actually better for you! Going sugar free is definitely a transition but worth it if you can make it happen. I'm laughing at the fact that I didn't make it very far into the 30 days series. I'm reminded why I don't blog as often anymore. I don't have free time! Ha!!

  3. Monica,

    Thank you for sharing about your life/motherhood! As a person who struggles with food allergies, it is always interesting to read how simple dietary changes can really help us live healthier lives. Look forward to reading more.

    God Bless and Be Encouraged,

    Laci Ortiz


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