Nov 5, 2010

Recap of the week


Monday little man and I were still recovering from our head colds. Which means it was a lazy day at home.

Tuesday I lost my wedding rings...again. If you follow me on twitter you may think this seems to happen a lot. That's only because I take them off when I go to sleep because they are slightly loose. We looked everywhere in the house and in all the usual places...they were no where to be found.

Wednesday I am on the phone in the kitchen and little man is sitting on the floor playing with some pots and pans. While on the phone I am putting away dishes and cleaning up. I wrap up the phone conversation and realize little man isn't on the floor anymore. Instead I find him sitting on top of the kitchen table helping himself to some fruit I had sitting on it. This was the first time he had climbed on top of one of the kitchen chairs or the table!! We're in trouble now!

After that little man and I went outside in the backyard to play. While outside he got into some mud. I let him play in it until hubby got home. He was having too much fun to stop him and he's a boy!

That evening my husband walks into the bedroom holding one of my rings. He said that he had found it buried in the carpet in the living room. He grabbed a flashlight and went out into the living room. After some time he came back into the bedroom holding the other ring!! He had found that one under the couch. The conclusion we came to was little man must have taken them off my night stand at some point and thrown them on the floor. We're working on his throwing. He likes to throw everything he gets his hands on!

Thursday afternoon I pulled out little man's backpack for the first time. We put his toys inside and some of his favorite books, zipped it up and placed it on his back. He loved it! We went for a walk outside and he insisted he keep it on. It was so cute!

Friday is going to be a busy day and I am finally getting my hair done!! It has been forever!!!

Everyone have a great weekend!

If you haven't already check out the photo contest. You still have a few days to enter!


  1. Hey! I am a new follower! I am loving your blog!!



  2. So glad you are feeling better! We've had allergies like crazy this Fall (in GA), so I feel your pain.

    Have a blessed weekend with your precious men!

  3. Thanks Larissa!

    Dina- I am feeling much better thanks!! Have a great weekend!

  4. So cute! Brad was playing in the mud the other day. I got tons of pics of course. And, he has a throwing obsession as well.
    I just looked a couple posts back that I had missed- Brad has the same slippers. :)

  5. That photo is one my favorites of Little Man! It's a good thing you found your rings. My kids hide or put things in the oddest places all the time.


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