Oct 18, 2012

31 Days of Loving your Husband - Day 18

In this series we will be spending 31 days intentionally loving on our husbands. Hopefully creating new habits in our marriages that will last a lifetime. Will you join us?

Chore time

Today before he gets home from work do a chore around the house that he normally does. For example my husband is usually the one that takes out the trash and cleans up dinner. What a fun surprise when he gets home to find the trash cans already emptied! 

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  1. One time my husband and I were planning to clean out his shop. It was going to be such an awful job. When he was called out to help a friend I just got it over with, then told him, well come on I guess we need to get started on the shop. When we opened the doors it was done! He was so excited.


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